Simplifying Day Trading Futures

HOW DO YOU DEVELOP a SOLID PLAN and STRATEGY that feels comfortable and brings YOU consistent profitable results?

  • I firmly believe that anyone (yes, even you!) can learn how to trade the ES Mini profitably.
  • You can transform your life. And work on your terms.
  • You can develop a plan that is simple but powerful.
  • And it doesn't matter if you are a beginner to trading or have been attempting to do it for years...
  • Now you will have a solid foundation!


Screwing the 9-5, working when you want and from wherever you want,
living the lifestyle that YOU deserve . . .


How do you go from nothing to trading consistently?

  • You have to start at the beginning.
  • Imagine asking a child to read before they even know the alphabet . . . it doesn’t make sense and neither does jumping into trading the ES Minis when you don’t know how to read what the market is telling you.
  • How can you know when to enter a trade and, MORE IMPORTANTLY, when to get out?
  • In this course I will teach you exactly what you need to know about trading Futures E Minis with confidence, consistency and SIMPLICITY!

Why the Futures ES Mini?

  • Did you know that to day trade stocks you need to have $25,000 with your broker?

    NOT WITH THE ES - Mini

    All you need to start is $1000
  • Average day trader who trades stocks puts in 3 hours of research DAILY (that's not including the actual trading hours)

    NOT WITH THE ES - Mini

    The only research you need to do is once you open your charts at 9:30 am EST to see which direction the market is moving in. Because Future traders make as much money if the market goes down as it does going up. With a 100% technical strategy that requires no research before hand.
  • The average stock trader has 3-5 charts blinking all sorts of indicators on several different monitors all at their work station.

    NOT WITH THE ES - Mini

    One chart is all I use, with 2 indicators, and I do it all from my laptop.
  • The average stock trader spends 7 to 10 hours a day, trading, researching, analyzing

    NOT WITH THE ES - Mini

    Our minds can only truly be on high activity mode for 1.5 to 2 hours a day. My day consists of me trading either the morning session (9:30 - 11:30 am EST) or afternoon session (1:30 - 3:30 pm EST).

    Trading the ES mini is a high performance activity. Like a high performance athlete, you can only give it your all for, at most, TWO hours.

    After two hours your effectiveness is starting to decrease drastically.



  • The person who is wondering if day trading is a viable option and if they can actually make money from it while living the life they desire
  • The person who doesn’t want to spend thousands of dollars to learn how to trade
  • The person who wants to get started with a solid strategy, foundation and trading plan
  • The person who knows being armed with a powerful tool box of trade setups that have a high probability of profitability is the only way to truly trade
  • The person who knows working with a MENTOR to guide them and support them all the way is the best way to learn and succeed.
  • For my students I look at their individual trades and give customized feedback, sometimes multiples times per day.


  • Set up your own charts.
  • Read any market condition and know what is happening to make the best decisions for the most profitable moves.
  • Have a solid trading strategy and plan you can trust.
  • Own 10 high probability trade setups you can use on a daily basis.
  • Have me as your MENTOR as you navigate your trading journey.


Do you feel that you have NO idea what the markets are doing right now?

Lack of knowledge is the only thing that stands in your way of making great money week after week.

I'll teach you to develop a risk management plan that makes it crazy hard to lose money.

Forget the hesitation, you'll know exactly what indicators and patterns to look for and how to enter the highest probability trades.

I teach you how to develop a risk management plan (to go alongside the ability to read any market environment) that will make it super difficult to lose money.

This course will stop the hesitation and doubt you feel as you look at the markets.

After going through the Futures ES Mini Course you will be armed with 10 profitable TRADE SETUPS and the profit target and stop loss to focus on the wins, rather than concern yourself with the losses.


When it comes to living your dreams through day trading, your potential knows no limits!

​This course is for you if:

You’re ready to learn day trading from the beginning, step-by-step.

You’re okay with day trading being a side gig - for now.

You are ready to to have a solid foundation, strategy and trading plan.

You are eager to learn from a mentor.

​This course is NOT for you if:

You are looking to start earning $500 a day right now.

You don’t have the patience to follow through the steps in the course and take short cuts.

You really just want someone else to trade for you.


Obviously, it depends on the person, but here is a glimpse at what I’ve been able to do, thanks to trading.


"Marina is a great teacher and very committed to making sure you are on the right track to understanding what day trading is. The videos are short and concise and easy to understand. She teaches the fundamentals of chart reading, placing trades on a platform, and forming good habits. I took both of her courses, the Bootcamp and the Simplified Day Trading and I will say...everything she advises is very right on. She has solid trade set ups that have worked for me. Following rules and maintaining discipline are super key in order to stay on track. If you can follow rules and maintain discipline and not get too emotional when things get confusing as a beginner, you will benefit from the information she teaches. She is very responsive over email as well. Thank you Marina for creating the courses for us beginners!!!! SO GRATEFUL!!!!"

--Dee, USA


"I've been wanting to trade for years. But being a stay at home mum, with 3 kids, it's hard to even remotely come close to the academies out there. Usually they start between $2,000 - $5,000 and offer little support. 

Somehow I found Marina 'The Trader Chick' and immediately connected to her. 

She's a mum, she loves to travel and once I contacted her, she has constantly been back and forth with me. Finally, I bought the Boot Camp and Simplifying Day Trading Futures. 

I live in Spain, originally from the UK, and love that the markets open for me around 3:30 right when my kids are in school for their second part of the day. After my learning curve and Marina's constant support, I have gone live and am trading only - at most - 2 hours before they come home. Giving my family a great side income. 

Thank you!"

Josephine, Britain


'One year ago I became curious about day trading, so I paid for an online course to learn more about it; only to immediately encounter impractical theories and complex jargon. After going through much of that course I was still as lost and confused as before I started that course. 

I even considered one of those popular online trading academies, but the prices were exorbitant, and the instruction wasn’t even personalized. 

That’s when through either pure chance or destiny I learned about Marina’s course (when I visited her Facebook day trading page.) 

From the moment I spoke to her and got to know more about her and her philosophy about day trading I knew right then that purchasing her course was the right choice to make. Her ability to take complex ideas and be able to explain them in easy to understand terms is truly impressive. 

Marina’s hands on approach allows you to immediately apply what you learn. You will spend more time actually doing the work rather than just reading, thinking, or theorizing about day trading. 

Marina is by the far the most practical teacher I have had the pleasure of learning from (this coming from a high school teacher with 15 years of experience). 

I recently completed her courses (Bootcamp course and Simplified Day Trading Futures for Beginners) , and I am now practicing with the simulation to build my confidence before I decide to go live with my trading. 

I am confident that once I go live I will be a successful day trader, and that’s all because of Marina’s strategies. 

Thank you for being kind enough and willing enough to sacrifice your time so that complete strangers could have the opportunity to change their lives for the better.'

---Ezekiel, USA


'I am so thankful and appreciative for Marina and her wonderful way of teaching and explaining day trading! 

I was previously in big Corporate Management and wanted OUT! I had a love for trading for many years and was blessed to be able to resign from big Corporate. After much exploration into day trading the ESmini, I first purchased from another person manuals and time in a chatroom which helped me get started but didn’t explain the foundation of truly what day trading is. I traded live for about a year and quite honestly was very lucky.

I lacked confidence in each and every trade and didn’t understand the psychological aspect of trading. After successfully leading people in a corporate setting, I knew deep down there was way more to day trading that what I was receiving. I did not receive any one-on-one time or foundational education I desperately needed. 

I began my search to truly understand day trading and was led to Marina. I reached out to Marina and she actually wanted to give me a call to talk – ok – first of all that just doesn’t happen now days but She called me and I knew she was going to be the one to help and educate me.

Marina has a way of explaining things that are so easily understood and she doesn’t use big words to make herself feel better, she just explains in terms that anyone can understand.

I can honestly say she is a natural teacher with passion which is very very hard to find. Even though I had been trading for about a year, I wanted to start from the beginning so I purchased Marina’s Beginner Boot – Camp for Day Trading and her Simplified Day Trading Futures for Beginners. 

WOW – what a difference it has made! There were things in the Beginner Boot camp I did not know and to make matters even better there was homework that I did and sent to her and she actually reviewed the homework and sent it back to me with her feedback in a video so I could actually hear her respond to each different scenario – and what’s even better is that when I did have something wrong in the homework she would explain what I did wrong and then go find another example and explain it again. 

I can-not describe how much this has helped me! I highly recommend Marina to anyone who wants to learn how to day trade as well as those who have been trading and want to fundamentally understand how to day trade and take their game to the next level. 

Many many Thanks and Appreciation to Marina!'

Dawn, USA


Simplifying Day Trading Futures full course (Total Value $1,600)

  • 30 Minute Pro Platform Set Up Tutorial (Valued at $400)
  • The Trader Chick's Market Language and Implementation Break Down (Valued at $400)
  • Step-By-Step Mindful Trading Guide (Valued at $400)
  • Live Trading Support System (Valued at $400)
  • Lifetime Curriculum Access

STS PLAN - Solid Trading Strategy and Plan that you can trust and rely on during all market conditions (Valued at $400)

6 Months One on One Mentor-ship with The Trader Chick (Valued at $1700)

10 TRADE SET UPS Customized for YOU to use in ANY MARKET CONDITION - Even Today's Uncertainty (Valued $1500)

Plus all the key aspects of risk management. 

Full VALUE $7,000

This is a ONE-TIME Price $897

I want to Make Day Trading Accessible to EVERYONE

That's why I have priced it so LOW



Let's Talk About the CRAZY BONUS

Nobody offers 6 months of One-on-One personal coaching like MY STUDENTS GET

7 Modules

SECTION 1 – The Basics of Trading

Day Trading comes in many forms. We will be strictly focusing on Futures and our chosen trading instrument will be the ES Mini.

What you will learn in this section:

  • What are futures, ES, and E-minis
  • What are ticks, points and contracts
  • Brokerage accounts and terminology


I go over the basics of what the Futures market is about, the ES mini and more. I don’t believe it’s necessary or will influence or impact your trading at all if you understand every minute detail of it.

However, if you want to know more information about any of the topics we cover, don’t hesitate to ask me. I will gladly go over it deeper with you.

You can email me directly:

I am here to help with anything and everything to make your transition into day trading fun, simple and understandable.

SECTION 2 - Setting Up Your Charts Tutorials

It's time to set up your charts, if you don't have a charting platform that you're already using. 

I am here to help you get past the hurdles of setting up your charts.

If you have a technical question, Ninja Trader or the charting platform that you are using will be better able to assist you. 

Since I'm not affiliated with any platforms, I can certainly see what I can do, but technical issues must be directed at the platform's customer service.


Think of yourself as a musician.

When you decide you want to play the piano what do you need to start before anything else?

A piano!

For a trader our musical instrument is our charts.

Just as with pianos you can find a ton of different ones: Steinway & Sons, Sterling, Steck, etc…

The same with chart platforms.

There are a ton of different charting platforms, and most are really great.

The most important thing to remember with any platform you decide to use when going live is:

  • Ease of use
  • Indicator options
  • Direct connect to your broker from actual chart interface

For our purposes we do NOT need an account to start with any platform, but we do need the live feed that will give us the data to work with.


I have added tutorials on these platforms:

  • ThinkorSwim
  • Ninja Trader

\However, YOU CAN USE ANY PLATFORM that you are comfortable with that uses universal indicators.

SIDE NOTE - Mac (Apple) Users Only  (with Ninja Trader)

Ninja Trader only works with Windows Operating systems. So if you are on a Mac you have 2 choices:

  • Bootcamp is Mac’s program for getting the Windows operating system on your computer, super easy and doesn’t take up too much memory.
  • Or Parallels software that will also help install Windows Operating software on your Mac.

SECTION 3 – Market Movement and Momentum

Everything we do will be based on what the market is telling us.

We have two types of momentums / directions we follow as intraday traders:

  • Overall momentum – macro – where is the market going in the overall direction. This can include several days.
  • Immediate momentum – micro – sometimes even if the market is going either up or down for the overall direction, the immediate momentum can be down or up. This can be critical for certain trades we take. 

In This Section We Will Learn:

  • What is market movement and momentum
  • What is a trending market, a consolidating market and a sideways market
  • Bar momentum and price action
  • Intro to the 610 Chart
  • What is Grinding and Erratic Behavior
  • Knowing when the momentum has shifted

SECTION 5 – Preparation for Trading

Trading is an endurance performance activity.  You can not come to the game unprepared.

Think of an athlete, they would never start a competition without the proper warm up exercises.

The traders that succeed in this sport always prepare and get in the zone before even considering to take their first trade.

Since trading is mainly a mental activity you need to prepare your mind along with other must-do preparations.

What you will learn in this section:

  • When to start trading – market open and news
  • Best mind preparation techniques
  • Preparing the charts

SECTION 6 – Trade Set Ups

A trader’s best ammunition is the trader’s toolbox of high probability trades. The more options and opportunities we have to look for, the better our chances of coming out with daily profits.

To start with, we will be looking at 10 specific trades. Master these trades! They will be the foundation of all the other trades you can expand to.

To start we need to learn the market, understand how it moves, really get used to watching it and seeing what it does.

We need to also start with the most conservative trades, the ones that will give us the highest probabilities of being successful. This doesn’t only work for profits, but building our confidence levels.

We take all our trades one tick off the 610 Solid Line area (EMA) and 233 EMA Line. 

What We Will Learn and Expand on in this Section

  • How We Look for Trades
  • Understanding the Body of a Trend – learning the best places for entries
  • Taking Trades – the core trades
  • Entering Trades – best places for entries
  • Targets – what we start with
  • Trading Plan and Strategy – how important it is to have one
  • Reviewing Our Trades – we need to review and track the trades to get better
  • Risk Management – without this you will lose!

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